Gyeon Q2 QuickView

Great Visibility

Gyeon Q2 QuickView is designed as an easy to use rain repellent that will last at least 6 months. Its application is a matter of seconds thanks to the unique bottle design and felt applicator.

The ultra slick coat of Gyeon Q2 QuickView ensures outstanding repellency of both water and dirt. It increases visibility and safety in bad weather conditions even without using wipers. Keep you windshield crystal clear!

With its unique bottle design, coat your windshield in a matter of seconds. No other preparation other than using a glass cleaner is needed.

Best Practice and Pro-Tips from Yves Heylen
Make sure the glass surface is free of any contaminants - to ensure maximum bonding, we recommend to decontaminate the surface using Q2M Clay Mild or Coarse, then wipe the glass with Q2M Prep before the application of Q2 QuickView. TIP: Apply in a circular motion, section by section to ensure even application. Let it dry at least 5 minutes and wipe with a damp Q2M BaldWipe.

Durability: Up To 6 Months
Alcohol Tolerance: Full
Starting Speed: 70kph
pH Tolerance: 2-11
Consumption: 30ml/car