Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat 400ml


Unique SiO2 Formula with UV Protection

Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat is one of the best fabric protectant products available to consumers, offering car owners a way to significantly protect their interior carpets and floor mats, as well as exterior convertible tops.

Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat creates a strong coat, which protects fabrics not only against dirt, but most of all UV rays. It helps to prevent textiles from fading and losing its original colour tone, which may occur due to long-term exposure of UV rays in direct sunlight or strong chemicals.

Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat helps to maintain all textiles in your car in perfect shape. It has strong hydrophobic properties, that ensure ease of dirt removal. Protected textiles don't absorb as much dirt as bare ones. Even in case of fabric convertible tops, when protected with Q2 Fabric Coat, a strong high pressure rinse once a month can be sufficient to keep the fabric clean.

Gyeon Q2 Fabric makes it easy to keep the textiles clean. Once applied, the hydrophobic effect along with overall fabric protection will sustain for a long time. Therefore you do not need to refresh the coating with every single wash – simply rinse the surface with a pressure washer or wash it gently with a pH-neutral shampoo like Q2M Bathe and let it dry.

Best Practice and Pro-Tips from Yves Heylen
Apply Q2 Fabric Coat only on a clean and completely dry surface. Mask the elements around to avoid hardly removable overspray. TIP: Always wipe the product with an interior detail brush to create an even finish and agitate the absorption. Do not overdose. 2 regular layers are far better than one very thick application. The product requires a quick drying process so take care not to slow it down by applying too much product on the surface at once.

Consumption: 80ml/1sqm
pH Tolerance: 2-11
Surface: Every Automotive Fabric
Durability: Up To 6 Months