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    Magic Finish

    Have used a lot of products over the years to achieve a high quality finish - Ethos Finish Shine surpasses them all! - excellent product, easy to apply and no streaking…….

    A good wash tool

    The mit makes washing your car very easy. It does take a long time to dry but overall it's a great addition to my car wash kit.

    Another 5-stars from me. It’s a dual sided masterpiece that holds a tremendous amount of water. Perfect companion for drying your paint, wheels or glass. Even better when applied with your favourite drying aid of choice.

    Premium build quality. Premium materials. Featherweight trigger. Has stainless steel connections and internals. And comes with the lance! What more can I say. Is definitely overkill for a DIY guy such as myself. But hey, yolo…. Nothing but 5-stars from me. And if you one of them ones sitting on the fence about buying one, trust me, get it, you won’t regret it.

    P&S Brake Buster Non Acid Wheel Cleaner 3.8L (1GAL)


    First car wash stuff I actually enjoyed washing the car using. Thanks for bringing it in to Aus! Quick shipping and great service thanks.

    Great product

    Great product. Works really well with the OG spray gun.

    Not for me

    I'm sure the product may suit some but not my car. When I applied it the colour was great, but the fist two coats I put on (black plastic) faded to the original grey when dried. The third coat I put on today may be a little better, but I will soon run out of the product. I am happy with Autobuff service.

    Good product

    Performs well

    Very fast delivery and easy website to use


    this spray works great AAA+++

    Great gloss and durability.

    I'm on my second bottle. This is good stuff.

    Keep pumpin

    Does the job of foaming and spraying pretty well but runs out of puff. As the pressure drops the coverage can get patchy. If you don't mind some exercise on the arms then it's a pretty good unit. Well constructed and tough.

    Amazing foam for a hand sprayer.

    I kept hearing about the built quality of this unit in reviews and now I get it, wow!! This thing is as tough as. Works brilliantly to add to it’s quality.

    Quality unit that performs exceptionally

    I kept hearing about the build quality of this unit in reviews and now I get it, wow!! This thing is as tough as. Works brilliantly to add to its quality.

    Water magnet

    This is my new favourite drying towel. I find it so much more absorbent than the gauntlet. It gets heavier but is still able to take more water with a bit less streaking as well. It does take a long time to dry as other reviews have said but that's coz it holds so much water. Very happy with my purchase and will buy another one, thanks autobuff.

    Great stuff for car … works great

    Works as described

    Ever washed the car and looked at your rotors when you were about to drive off - the rust coating - this solves it. Now I can avoid the drive car around the block after washing step!

    Koch Chemie

    Love the product, Highly recommend Green star.

    Works great as a tyre dressing, leaves a nice satin/ matte finish and once it has set it’s dry to the touch. I recommend the product 100%

    Ethos resist

    Amazing product I applied it as a topper on ceramic slick tight water beads and so easy to wash vehicle with just a hose

    Easy wheel cleaning

    Makes it a lot easier getting dust and grime of your alloy wheels

    Winning combo'.

    Finally gave in and ordered the P&S Brakebuster along with the Marolex Ergo Foam sprayer. Have to say, I'm impressed. AUTOBUFF have some good deals on products.

    Great product

    Thank you

    Obsessed Garage Drying Aid

    Similar to numerous competitors on the market today, but seems to have that little extra & certainly recommended.