Gyeon Q2M APC All Purpose Cleaner 1L


Powerful Cleaner for All Exterior and Interior Car Surfaces

Gyeon Q2M APC is a powerful and versatile cleaner for both internal and external purposes. It comes into play everywhere, where dedicated cleaners are not enough.

As the name can suggest, Gyeon Q2M APC (All Purpose Cleaner) can be used for various task such as wheel arch cleaning, engine bay degreasing, interior stains removal and many others. It's cleaning power depends on the correct dilution for the required application. It starts from 1:5 for external applications up to 1:15 for interior cleaning. In extreme cases, like dirty wheel arches or engine bays, it might be used as a 1:1 dilution.

Best Practice and Pro-Tips from Yves Heylen

While using Q2M APC, always start always with the highest dilution for your chosen task. Reduce gradually the dilution (from 1:15 to 1:1) to increase cleaning power.

Dilution: 1:5 to 1:15
Consumption: 150ml/Car