Gyeon Q2 Tire 400ml


Gyeon Q2 Tire is an SiO2-based tyre coating. It guarantees not only durability, with excellent visual effects as well.

The ability to repel water and pollution from the surface of rubber is not easy to accomplish, yet more than desirable. Owing to that, even in adverse weather conditions, the tyre retains a new look for a long time.

Gyeon Q2 Tire not only secures tyres, it also improves their looks, making the wall seem enamelled, with profoundly vivid colours. The effect even lasts after deterioration of the hydrophobic effect on the tyre.

Gyeon Q2 Tyre is brilliantly efficient in repelling dirt and is a product which endures at least a couple of washes. It stays on even when applying water under pressure, while its ability to penetrate into the rubber structure ensures that is keeps its effects visible for a long time.

DURABILITY: >5 washes

CONSUMPTION: 10-15ml / 1 set

Directions for Application:

  1. Tyres should be cleaned using a strong degreaser prior to application. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry, and cool to the touch before starting.
  2. Work out of direct sunlight
  3. Spray Gyeon Q2M Tire directly onto the tyre, or onto a Tyre Applicator
  4. Use the Applicator to spread Gyeon Q2M Tire evenly over the tyre
  5. Allow coating to dry completely prior to driving