Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner 500ml


Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner is an ultimate glass cleaning formula made for fast and effortless cleaning of all glass surfaces. GYEON Q2M Glass Cleaner is safe for use on all interior surfaces, and will easily remove smudges, fingerprints, dirt, dust, road grime and other glass contaminants without affecting your previously applied glass coating or water repellant product! For a crystal clear glass finish with absolutely no streaks, Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner is just what you need.

Gyeon, while primarily known for their coatings, has also made a splash with their Q2M Maintenance products – and Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner is no exception! The streak-free formula makes easy removal of most glass contaminants with no trace of residue left behind.

With some glass cleaning products, some staining and stiffening would occur, but Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner is actually safe on all leather, vinyl, and even alcantara surfaces!

Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner will not remove any previously applied glass sealants, coatings, or water repellent products – just crystal clear glass that is still protected from the elements!

Directions for use: Be sure to glass is cool before use, and never use Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner in direct sunlight.