Stoner Car Care

Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner 945ml (32oz)

Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner quickly cleans difficult grime from glass surfaces and is safe for tinted windows.

Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner contains a complex, cleaning formula which is non-abrasive and non-foaming. It is designed specifically to clean glass without leaving streaks or haze unlike most other glass cleaners that are formulated with water and foamy soaps.

Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner quickly removes tough dirt, dust, sap, droppings, bugs, grease, adhesives, fingerprints, smudges, smoke haze, pollutants, and other oily grime that soap and water can't remove. It contains NO soaps or foams - evaporates quickly, leaving glass clean, clear, and streak free.

Enthusiasts overwhelmingly hail Invisible Glass as the best auto glass cleaner they have ever used, and the last one they will ever try! 

To further protect the glass, use Stoner Invisible Glass with Rain Repellent. A rain repellent additive seals exterior auto glass to block out moisture, dirt, and films.