• Gyeon Q2M Iron 500ml/4L

    • Remove embedded iron and other contaminants from wheels and painted surfaces
    • Colour changing formula illustrates when iron deposits can be rinsed away
    • Mist, let dwell, rinse away, it is that easy!
    • Safely removes stubborn iron deposits

    Highly Effective Iron and Fallout Remover

    Gyeon Q2M Iron is one of the most efficient, fast reacting iron removers on the market. This product was specially developed to decontaminate surfaces from harsh ferrous deposits such as brake dust and rail dust easily, making intensive cleansing simple for both enthusiasts and pro-detailers alike.

    Gyeon Q2M high reactivity of the product has not influenced its pH. All our efforts were channelled to provide potentially the broadest spectrum of uses, while due to its neutral pH, which we managed to maintain, it can safely be applied on very sensitive materials or polished rims.

    The strong colouring effect of a substance is a very accurate indicator of how much pollution it has accumulated, and of how much work awaits the product. The colouring itself, unlike other manufacturer’s products, focused on this function only, in no way translates into the product’s performance, though it serves as an illustration to users.

    Best Practice and Pro-Tips

    Use Q2M Iron during the chemical decontamination process right after the initial wash. Always work on a cool panel and avoid direct sunlight. On hot days work in sections and do not allow the product to dry. TIP: Q2M Iron is extremely slippery and might be used along with a chemical resistant clay bar as a lube to speed the process up.

    Customer Reviews

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    Romeo B.
    Gyeon Iron

    Great product that does the job and very well. Even better if you choose to use a wheel brush. Very satisfied with this product.