Gyeon Q2M WetCoat 500ml/4L


The Easiest Way to Maintain a Coating

Gyeon Q2M WetCoat is one of the easiest ways to apply a durable sealant on your car, whether using it just by itself, or on top of an existing quartz/ceramic coating.

You apply Gyeon Q2M WetCoat after you've washed your car, while your car is still wet from your final rinse. Simply mist WetCoat onto the surface of the paintwork, and immediately rinse it off. Anything that WetCoat touches on its way down your car will be coated with a super-hydrophobic layer of protection for several months. It works on paintwork, wheels, glass, vinyl, and paint protection film.

Gyeon Q2M WetCoat formula has been specially designed to secure best possible hydrophobic effect. No matter if your car has no coating at all or if it has quartz coating, which was not maintained for a long time - this product will deliver high quality results in a very short time.

A major benefit of Q2M WetCoat is its versatile character, allowing usage on almost every exterior surface of your vehicle. It will add great self-cleaning properties to not only the paintwork but also to plastic/metal trim, rims or windows.

We are giving you a highly concentrated and ready to use formula, which does not require diluting or mixing anything. The product comes in a handy bottle with a sprayer, so the only thing you need to do, is wash your car, spray on and rinse with a pressure washer.

As for a product of this ease of application, which even does not require a simple wipe off, Q2M WetCoat remains surprisingly durable, reaching with its full hydrophobic effect even up to 12 weeks/12 pH-neutral washes, which outshines many natural waxes or spray sealants.

Best Practice and Pro-Tips from Yves Heylen
Use Q2M WetCoat only on a wet surface and cool panel. Never use the product in direct sunlight. If you’re about to use the product in a warm or hot climate, work in sections. TIP: Rinse Q2M WetCoat immediately. Don’t wait for the product to dwell or react - the reaction happens while you rinse it. Do not spread it with mitts or towels, this is not necessary.

Consumption: 80ml/car
pH Tolerance: pH 2-11
Contact Angle: >90'
SiO2 Percentage: <5%
Durability: Up To 12 Weeks