Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat 500ml/4L


Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat is a spray on-rinse off sealant that is designed to boost protection and gloss within minutes. It can be used over existing coatings or sealants to add more protection, or even applied to an uncoated surface to offer immediate protection.

The effect is nearly instantaneous, with the surfaces becoming extremely hydrophobic, beading water and glossy straight after rinsing. Gyeon Wetcoat offers amazing durability of up to 3 months for a product that can be applied in seconds due to the high SiO2 content. It also provides great protection with a contact angle of over 90 degrees, meaning water sheets and beads off very easily reducing the chance of water spots.

Ideal as a quick-hit or a regular maintenance product to extend and enhance coatings or sealants, Wetcoat can be used over most surfaces like paint, trim, glass and wheels etc.

How to:

Ensure your car is washed and rinse well. Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat is already pre-mixed to ensure the correct & safe strength for paintwork, so shake the bottle well.

Spray Wetcoat onto all exterior surfaces evenly and thinly, using on average about 80-100ml to coat your car. Follow by rinsing off thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner to remove all residue – you will actually see it activate and bubble. (Gyeon recommends usage of a high-pressure cleaner for this).

Once you have rinsed thoroughly, use your microfibre drying towel or BigBoi Blower for a streak-free finish!

Always test in an inconspicuous spot for compatibility before using any product.