Ethos Pro Shine Ceramic Detail Spray 473ml/3.8L

  • Versatile detailing spray & coating topper
  • Ultra Slick, Streak Free Stand Alone Protection
  • Hydrophobic Insta-Bond Technology
  • Enhances any form of wax, sealant or graphene ceramic coating
  • Durability 1-2 months

Universal Topper + Unbelievably Slick Protection

Ethos Ceramic Detail Spray is a quick detailer on steroids, bonded with innovative ceramic technology to create a product that is easier than ever to use with more performance than ever. Pro Shine Detail Spray is a versatile spray detailer that can be used on any surface to achieve streak free, ultra slick results. Use Pro Shine as a light dust remover between washes, as a clay lube, gloss enhancer or even as a coating topper. It pairs with any type of coating adding ceramic infused protection, slickness and gloss on contact.

How To Use:

Detail Spray: Lightly mist detail spray onto the intended surface. Immediately wipe with a clean, dry microfibre towel, repeatedly flipping the towel and buffing until desired finish is achieved.

Drying Aid:After the vehicle has been rinsed and is still wet, lightly mist detail spray into your drying towel and onto the intended surface. Wipe residual water and detail spray to a streak free shine and repeat process throughout the entire exterior.

Clay lube:Spray liberally onto a cool, clean surface. Using light pressure, rub a clay bar or clay mitt over the surface until the finish is slick and smooth to the touch. Dry with a high quality microfibre towel and protect with a coating or other form of protection.

Detail Spray's can replace traditional carnauba waxes or sealants and provide some additional attributes. Technology has come a long way and now it is has never been easier to wax your vehicle. Pro Shine - Ceramic Detail Spray works like a Spray Wax on steroids, adding incredible shine and protection in one simple product.

For Best Results - Streaking can occur if the towel or surface becomes oversaturated with product. Not suited for use on HEAVILY soiled surfaces.

Pro Shine - Ceramic Detail Spray

Ethos Pro Shine - Ceramic Detail Spray Uses

Ethos Pro Shine - Ceramic Detail Spray Insane Gloss

Ethos Pro Shine Exterior Surfaces

Ethos Pro Shine - Ceramic Detail Spray Insta-Bond Technology