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    Gyeon Q2 View 20ml + Q2M Glass Cleaner 500ml Kit

    • Window coating that will offer an exceptional level of water repellency and clarity!
    • Makes visibility in bad weather clearer and safer
    • Protects windshield
    • Durability: Up to 12 months

    Gyeon Q2 View + Q2M Glass Cleaner Kit

    We have hand picked each item in the Gyeon Q2 View + Q2M Glass Cleaner Kit because they are highly effective when paired together. To create the best kits possible we utilise our years of detailing experience, combined with input from some of the best detailers around the country. We are confident you will get outstanding results with each item and really enjoy how your vehicle looks afterward.

    Gyeon Q2 View’s primary task is to increase the safety of you and your passengers as well as the comfort of driving in difficult road conditions. We assume that the worse the road conditions, the more the driver should be focused on the driving. Q2 View provides a much better view of the road by keeping the windows clean, repelling water and dirt and through that increasing its transparency.

    There are many hydrophobic coatings available on the market, but their durability leaves a lot to be desired. Our product combines two of the most desired characteristics for this type of product. It remains on the most intensely used windscreen for up to 12 months, at the same time ensuring an undiminished water repellency. On the side windows it can be maintained for up to 36 months.

    Gyeon Q2 View repels both water and dirt from the glass surface. In rainy or night conditions, it offers invaluable assistance, as the driver will notice any obstacles or dangers much sooner.

    Gyeon Q2M Glass Cleaner is safe and effective. Removes dirt, oily residue and even light contamination while not affecting previously applied rain repellents. A gentle aroma boosts the superb qualities of the product.

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    Chris K.
    First time using

    Coated the glass on two smallish cars with this today ASX & Lancer both previously coated with two different glass coatings, clayed and steel wooled all the glass the polished then cleaned with IPA then used the Gyeon cleanse with the hand block provided.

    Application was easy enough and I would recommend for a first time user as Gyeon have a good video that shows all the steps a lot of glass coatings are very vague on how to apply(Carpro Flyby Forte for example), I've used around 4-5 different glass coatings before and this would be up in the top with the easiest to apply, I coated both windscreens and rear windows with 3 layers and side windows with 1 on one car and 2 on the other out of one bottle, I was shocked I was using what I thought was alot and was prepared to use 2 bottles.

    Wipe off was pretty tacky not going to lie I don't think you need to wait 15 minutes It was cold today 13degrees and seemed to finish flashing around 5-10 minutes but if a first timer I would stick to the 15 Minutes

    I used coating removal style towels for initial wipe off then used a waffle weave for final levelling I would 100% recommend using a waffle weave towel for final wipe down.

    In all honesty there are other glass coatings on the market that are alot quicker to flash over and take less time to apply but that can also be a bad thing if your a beginner at coatings

    Will post another review once it has cured and tested it out in the wet and cleaned them so far happy, much easier to apply then some others abit time consuming took around 2 hours doing two cars side by side only time will tell on durability