Gyeon Q2 Rim 30ml + Q2M Prep 500ml Kit


Gyeon Q2 Rim can be applied to all wheel types- powder coated, painted, polished, matte, satin, gloss, etc. Similar to other genuine SiO2-based coatings, Q2 Rim has superb self-cleaning abilities. It results in reducing the amount of time needed to clean the wheels, and keeps then cleaner for longer.

Wheels, just after the engine bay and exhausts, are the components most exposed to high temperatures. Q2 Rim has an endurance capability exceeding 800ºC without any damage to its original properties. The fact that this quartz coating is dedicated exclusively to rims is an asset and introduces a new level of quality within the field of rim protection.

Gyeon Q2M Prep is a necessary supplement for preparing a vehicle for coating application. It enables elimination of any oily residues, thus creating a smooth, antistatic surface. Q2M Prep has strong cleansing and degreasing properties, making the preparation of the vehicle for any detailing activities much easier and more efficient.

Kit Contains: