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    SONAX Profiline CC One Hybrid Ceramic Coating 50ml

    • Single Stage Efficient Professional Coating
    • Protective molecular coating with a deep shine
    • Extreme gloss and high smoothness
    • Sufficient for two applications
    • Up to 15 months of protection
    • Intensively enhances colour saturation, especially dark paintwork
    • The surface becomes smooth, and the dirt repellence is outstanding!
    • Paint protection up to 15 months
    • Made in Germany


    SONAX Profiline CC One Hybrid Coating is Based on Si-Carbon technology. Si-Carbon technology is a type of coating technology that combines silica and carbon particles to create a durable, velvety smooth protective surface. It is effective against dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants. Si-Carbon technology also helps to reduce the risk of light scratches and further damage to paint surfaces, providing a durable protective layer. Single-stage sealing - simple, rapid application. It intensifies the colour of the paint. It also creates a smooth, waxy, dirt-repellent surface. The set comes with four applicator sponges for two applications.

    What's in the box:

    • 1 x 50ml CC One Hybrid Coating
    • 4 x Applicators
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
    • 1 x CC One Adhesive Metal Badge

    How to Apply CC ONE:

    Confirm you are satisfied with the current condition of your paintwork. If your vehicle is relatively new or well maintained, proceed to step 2. If your paintwork has swirl marks, scratches & other defects - cutting & polishing can usually restore your paint to its former glory.

    Ensure paintwork is clean, free of any contaminants & previous coatings. You can use SONAX Profiline Prepare as a safe preparation spray.

    3. It is best to apply CC One in a shaded & well ventilated area. Apply a liberal amount of CC One to your applicator to prime the pad.

    4. In a criss cross pattern (horizontal passes on the section & vertical passes on the section) apply CC One. Allowing to bond for 3-5 minutes (temperature variable) & then proceed to remove excess material until streak free. Use a clean microfibre cloth.

    5. Repeat this process over the entire vehicle. You can apply CC One over a panel approx 1/4 a bonnet in size at a time. If the applicator begins to harden, use a new one.

    Curing time is approx 4 hours minimum. You can reduce the curing time by 50% by irradiation using infrared lamps. Do not wash the vehicle for the first 7 days after application.

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