SONAX XTREME Polish + Wax 2 Hybrid NPT 500ml

SONAX XTREME Polish + Wax 2 is a gentle polish with medium polishing effect for paintwork that is as good as new, lightly used and regularly maintained. Removes fine scratches (e.g. washing brush streaks or swirls) and matt sheen. A mirror-like deep gloss, intensive colour refreshment and permanent sealing with a long-term effect are created through the optimal coordination of extremely fine polishing bodies with the innovative Hybrid NetProtection Technology. 

With the Hybrid NPT, special inorganic and organic components are linked to form a stable, weather-resistant network. The surface impresses with its gentle smoothness, a brilliant deep gloss and a remarkable water-repellent effect.

  • Gentle with mild abrasives that break down into extremely fine particles during polishing
  • Fine scratches are evened out and dull haze is removed
  • It provides mirror shine and long-lasting protection
  • No strenuous polishing required!
  • Easy residue wipe-off
  • When accidentally applied to plastic parts, no white stains or streaks happen!