SONAX XTREME Polish + Wax 3 Hybrid NPT 500ml

SONAX XTREME Polish + Wax 3 is a powerful polish for dull, weathered and unkempt paintwork. Extremely fine aluminium oxide powder removes slight scratches, removes weathered layers of paint and smooths the paint. A mirror-like deep gloss, intensive colour refreshment and basic preservation are created by the innovative Hybrid NetProtection Technology. 

With the new Hybrid NPT, the paint receives a previously unattainable brilliant deep gloss, combined with a remarkable water-repellent effect. For this purpose, special organic substances were combined with inorganic components to form a stable, weather-resistant network that brings out the colour of the polished paint in the best possible way.

  • Fine scratches are polished out, as the polish abrasives breakdown into extremely fine particles
  • Dull colours are refreshed and haze is removed
  • Provides a mirror shine
  • No strenuous polishing required due to the microscopic size of the wax particles