SONAX Profiline Perfect Finish 04-06 250ml/1L


SONAX Perfect Finish is by far, one of the most flexible compounds/polishes. Works equally as well on German clear coats, Asian OEM clear coats & domestic paint finishes. Perfect Finish was developed for single-step polishing of sanded paint defects such as dust inclusions or paint runs.

It removes marks of P2000 grit or finer. Innovative paintwork finishing polish provides an initial deep cut, then diminishes to a high gloss, resulting in a hologram-free paint surface. Silicone-free.

Sonax Perfect Finish is arguably the best polish for black cars. While most high-quality polishes can finish swirl and haze-free on light-coloured vehicles, not all of them perform as well on black paint. For the amount of cut it offers, Sonax Perfect Finish provides an unmatched finish on all paint systems of any colour. What’s more, Sonax Perfect Finish is incredibly easy to work with – no dusting and it’s easy to wipe off!

Product application:
  • Wash and dry vehicle
  • Decontaminate with P&S Iron Buster or Gtechniq W6 Iron Fallout Remover then clay the vehicle to remove above-surface contaminants
  • Wipe the surface with Gtechniq Panel Wipe
  • Apply a small amount (3 or 4 dots) of polish onto a Polishing Pad
  • Polish the surface at a low rotation speed (800 rpm) for approximately 20-30 seconds, applying 15-20 pounds of pressure
  • After 30 seconds, remove pressure completely using only machine weight, increase machine speed (1200 RPM) and continue polishing for 45-60 seconds
  • When finished polishing, wipe down the paint surface with a microfibre towel