• Choosing the Right Koch Chemie Pre-Wash

    The purpose of a pre-wash is to remove as much dirt, road grime & contamination as possible before manual hand washing takes place, thus reducing the risk of incurring fine scratches during the hand washing process. When choosing a pre-wash, the aim of the user is to identify the suitable strength of the pre-wash (chemical energy) required depending on the vehicles condition and what protective products are on the surface.

    For Enthusiasts + Professionals

    Gentle Snow Foam

    Ph 7.5 - Neutral Pre-Wash

    Through its clever combination of surfactants, it creates a well moistened blanket that sticks to the entire surface, drawing out dirt from the surface before its pressure rinsed off.

    Gentle Snow Foam + Green Star

    Mild Alkaline Pre-Wash combination

    Gentle Snow Foam can be enriched with Green Star to create an active foam in order to quickly remove stubborn dirt and insects.

    For Professionals

    Active Foam

    Ph 9.5 - Mild Alkaline Pre-Wash
    Available in 10L

    Active Foam is a mild Alkaline formula that uses an extremely high ratio of anionic surfactants that create a unique foam formation.

    Super Foam

    Ph 12 - High Alkaline Pre-Wash
    Available in 10L

    Super Foam is the next step up from Active Foam, with a higher Alkaline formula it’s highly effective ingredients remove dirt very quickly.

    Vorreiniger B

    Ph 13.1 High Alkaline Pre-Wash
    Available in 10L

    Vorreiniger B is a combination of high-quality complexing agents and special surfactants dissolves even stubborn incrustations extremely quickly.

    A General Application Guide.

    The below graph is an indicator of what products are best suited as a maintenance pre-wash, depending on the protective products that are on the surface. It's up to the user to decide on the amount of chemical energy required to safely remove as much contamination as possible. Even though the best course of action is to wash frequently, limiting the amount of chemical energy required, it’s not always achievable, so we’ve also listed what options are suitable for occasional use after longer periods between washes.

    Koch Chemie Choosing the Right Pre-Wash

    Important to note that we recommend taking a holistic approach to your vehicles exterior and also preserving sensitive materials that are commonly overlooked such as plastic and rubber trim with the use of Plast Star Siliconolfrei.