• How To Wash Your Microfibre Towels

    The Rag Company Rags to Riches is a detergent specifically designed for Microfibre and is highly recommended to keep your towels soft, clean and bright!

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    1. Always wash new microfibre towels prior to first use to remove any loose factory production fibres.
    2. Always wash newer black, orange, and red coloured towels separately from lighter coloured towels to avoid any risk of bleeding.

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    Thorough Cleaning: All microfibre towels from The Rag Company are machine washable. Do not exceed 40⁰C at the risk of damaging the fibres leaving them much less effective

    • Machine Wash in Warm Water with a Rags to Riches
    • Tumble Dry Low Heat / No Heat or Hang to Dry
    • Do NOT Iron
    • Do NOT Use Any Fabric Softener as this Clogs the Microfibres and Reduces Performance
    • Do NOT Use Chlorine Bleach as this Prematurely Breaks Down the Fibres and Reduces/Eliminates the Valuable Dust & Dirt Collecting Electrical Charge of Microfibre
    • ONLY Wash with other Non-Linting Materials (NO Cotton!) to Maintain Proper Water and Dirt-Gripping Properties and Lint-Free Characteristics
    • SORT Microfibre Towels Similar To Your Regular Laundry Process: DON'T Wash Brightly Coloured (Red, Orange) or Black Towels with Lightly Coloured (Light Blue, Yellow) or White Towels as Bleeding May Occur with Newer Towels
    • ADVICE: Keep used/dirty microfibre towels in a separate bin from your regular laundry to reduce the risk of accidentally damaging your valuable microfibre by washing them together