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    Koch Chemie SF - Super Foam High Alkaline Pre Wash 10L


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    • Highly Concentrated, Strong Cleaning Snow Foam
    • Creates a Very Thick Foam
    • Softens and Removes Dirt and Road Film
    • Long Lasting Fruity Fragrance
    • Hight Alkaline pH Value: 12

    Super Foam High Alkaline Pre Wash Snow Foam

    Koch Chemie Super Foam High Alkaline Pre Wash is an extremely foamy, alkaline active foam with an intense fruity aroma specially developed for use with a foam cannon. Due to the strong alkaline cleaning formula, the active foam creates an outstanding cleaning performance.

    The active, highly efficient ingredients create a cleaning performance that can otherwise only be achieved with mechanical support.

    The particularly strong foam has an extra long service life. This enables the foam to encapsulate the existing dirt and lift it off the paint in a particularly gentle manner.

    Due to the particularly efficient formula, the Snow Foam can act on the paint for a maximum of 5 minutes and have a maximum concentration of 1:50.

    Super Foam Dilution Ratios

    • Foam Cannon - 1:8 (Thick foam), 1:15 (Standard foam)


    • Foam Cannon: mix approx. 50-100ml with 1L water
    • Foam the car completely with Super Foam
    • Let the foam take effect for about 5 minutes
    • In the meantime, clean the cracks and joints with a soft detailing brush
    • Rinse completely with water

    A General Application Guide

    The below graph is an indicator of what products are best suited as a maintenance pre-wash, depending on the protective products that are on the surface. It's up to the user to decide on the amount of chemical energy required to safely remove as much contamination as possible. Even though the best course of action is to wash frequently, limiting the amount of chemical energy required, it's not always achievable, so we've also listed what options are suitable for occasional use after longer periods between washes.

    Choosing the right snow foam

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