Koch Chemie

Koch Chemie Green Star All Purpose Cleaner 1L/10L


Koch Chemie Green Star is the universal cleaner that shouldn't be missing anywhere. It is highly concentrated, phosphate and solvent free and is highly alkaline for the best cleaning performance.

As a result, it has enormous dirt and oil removal properties and can really be used anywhere. As a pre-cleaner, light degreasing of bodywork and wheels to the most heavily soiled engine bay, insect remover, workshop cleaner, kitchen cleaner and much more.

Green Star contains corrosion inhibitors, these ensure that it also works without problems on sensitive surfaces such as aluminium.

Areas of Use

Engines, exterior, interior, recreational and commercial vehicles, workshop and industrial floors, machinery, etc.


Engine Wash

  • Mix approx. 30ml - 150ml in 1L of water
  • Spray on over the entire area, leave to work and allow to dwell for up to five minutes
  • Agitate with a brush
  • Rinse thoroughly

Vehicle Exteriors

  • Mix approx. 30ml - 150ml in 1L of water
  • Spray on, allow to take effect and spray off

Fabric & Upholstery

  • Mix approx. 50ml - 100ml in 1L of water
  • Spray on & allow to dwell for up to five minutes
  • For ingrained dirt agitate with soft brush. Remove residues with damp cloth or wet & dry vacuum cleaner
  • Before use on fabrics, test for colour-fastness first

Workshop Floors

  • Mix approx. 8ml - 25ml in 1L of water
  • Ensure the surface is cool to the touch before applying
  • Process with a mop and then wipe with clean water
  • Do not allow the product to dry on the surface