• Koch Chemie GSF - Gentle Snow Foam pH Neutral 1L/5L

    • Highly Concentrated, High Foaming Snow Foam
    • Does Not Leave Residues or Film After Rinsing
    • Does Not Remove Wax or Sealants
    • Suitable for Both Foam Cannon and Bucket Washing
    • Delicious Cherry Fragrance
    • pH Neutral 7.5

    pH Neutral High Foaming Maintenance Snow Foam

    Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam (GSF) is a high foaming, pH neutral cleaning foam shampoo with a distinctive cherry fragrance that can be used both as a Snow Foam for pre-washing when applied using a foam gun or foam sprayer, and as a shampoo for a regular bucket car wash.

    Gentle Snow Foam will produce a thick even blanket of foam that sticks to the entire surface, thereby allowing a long sit time, which provides for greater penetration of the surface soil. This high technology foam will sit on the surface and encapsulate dirt particles, pulling them from the paint for safe and easy removal. GSF does not leave behind any residues or film after the vehicle has been rinsed.

    Due to its pH neutral formula GSF is safe to use on any existing sealant, wax protection or ceramic coating, making it a great maintenance car shampoo.

    Gentle Snow Foam can also be enriched with Green Star to create an alkaline active foam in order to quickly remove stubborn dirt and insects.

    Areas of Use

    All external surfaces on cars, trucks and also caravans or mobile homes

      GSF Dilution Ratios

      • Foam Cannon - 1:8 (Thick foam), 1:15 (Standard foam)
      • Bucket - 1:200


      • Foam Cannon: mix approx. 50-150ml with 1L water
      • Foam Sprayer: mix approx. 50ml with 1L water
      • Hand Wash: mix approx. 50ml with 10L water
      • Spray the car completely with Gentle Snow Foam
      • Let the cleaner work for 5-6 minutes
      • Rinse completely with water
      • Active Foam: Add 10-20ml Green Star to pre-mixed Snow Foam solution. This increases the pH value and improves cleaning performance even more. But be careful, now waxes are also washed off the car

      A General Application Guide

      The below graph is an indicator of what products are best suited as a maintenance pre-wash, depending on the protective products that are on the surface. It's up to the user to decide on the amount of chemical energy required to safely remove as much contamination as possible. Even though the best course of action is to wash frequently, limiting the amount of chemical energy required, it's not always achievable, so we've also listed what options are suitable for occasional use after longer periods between washes.

      Choosing the right snow foam

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