Gtechniq W1 - G-Wash Shampoo 250ml/500ml/1L

  • High Foam Content
  • Highly Concentrated, 1800:1 Dilution Ratio
  • Super Slick
  • Sweet, Addictive Fragrance

Gtechniq G Wash is a highly concentrated car shampoo which produces a high foam content, provides excellent lubrication and breaks the bond between dirt and your vehicles paintwork easily and safely.

Gtechniq G Wash is designed to work in perfect harmony with Gtechniq's range of coatings however it is also safe to use on sealants, waxes and other forms of protection due to its pH Neutral Formula. This advanced car shampoo boasts a dilution ratio of 1800:1 making it highly concentrated and excellent value for money.

The super slick nature of G Wash reduces the risk of inflicting swirls and marring during the washing process.


  • Add two caps (20ml) for light dirt, or four caps (40ml) for heavy dirt, into an empty bucket
  • Fill bucket with water, for best results use warm water
  • Always begin washing the upper surfaces of your car and work downwards
  • After use, rinse your car thoroughly with clean water to remove all surfactants
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Use product within 12 months of opening