Wowo's Detailer's Shampoo 500ml

Wowo’s Detailer's Shampoo is the starting line in the Wowo’s Detailing regimen. The Professional formula brings car soaps back to simpler times without any of the fancy protection additives. This is a Highly Foaming formula that’s Foam Cannon ready or easily used in your favourite Two-Bucket wash method. The Formula can be diluted based on the level of soiling and protection your vehicle has.

RECOMMENDED DILUTIONS: For Heavy Soiling dilute Detailer's Shampoo at 100:1, for Unprotected Paint dilute Detailer's Shampoo at 100:1, for Protected Paint dilute Detailer's Shampoo at 500:1. This is a car shampoo made FOR Detailers BY Detailers without cutting any corners. The wash process is best enjoyed with a good quality microfibre drying towel and your favourite beverage.

  • Made For Detailers By Detailers
  • Foam Cannon Ready: Ability To Produce Thick, Long Dwelling Foam
  • No Additives Or Waxes: Detailers Shampoo Is A Pure High-Activity Ph Balanced Car Soap
  • Highly Dilutable: From 500:1 To 100:1