Koch Chemie

Koch Chemie Motorplast Engine Bay Dressing 500ml/5L


Koch Chemie Motorplast is an engine preservative with hydrophobic properties. With this product, all parts in the engine compartment, such as the engine itself, attachments made of plastic or rubber hoses, are protected and cared for.

The parts treated with Motorplast are given a natural shine and look as good as new.

After complete drying, a protective film develops on the surface. This does not smear because it does not contain silicone. Motorplast has excellent creeping properties, so that inaccessible parts are also protected.

The elastic surface protection builds up a protective film against corrosion and environmental influences. The film is temperature resistant up to 250°C.

Areas of Use

Engines, housing parts, rubber hoses and power units of cars, commercial vehicles, etc.


  • Clean the parts to be treated beforehand with Green Star
  • Spray Motorplast evenly and thinly onto the entire engine
  • Let it dry completely - can take up to 8 hours
  • Pick up remains with a microfibre cloth