• The Rag Company Ultra Clay Towel

    • Quickly and easily remove contaminants from your vehicle's surface
    • Safe to use on all types of paint and all colours
    • Re-usable so will last for many washes
    • Size: 30cm x 30cm
    • Colour: Blue

    The Rag Company Ultra Clay Towel

    The Rag Company Ultra Clay Towel helps maintain a clean & smooth surface! An evolution of the clay bar!

    The Rag Company Ultra Clay Towel gives detailing professionals and enthusiasts the ability to safely, quickly and easily decontaminate automotive paint, glass, plastic and mouldings with proven, positive results when used with a quality clay lubricant such as Koch Chemie Clay Spray, Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube or P&S Paint Gloss.

    The synthetic polymer detailing clay surface makes the process of claying your car quicker, easier, safer and more enjoyable. This towel will also last many times longer than traditional clay, as it can be rinsed between uses to remove any contaminants present on the clay surface. Also, unlike traditional clay bars, if the towel drops on the ground, you can thoroughly rinse any grit or grime from the towel and continue to safely use it on your cars paintwork.

    This claying process with this new Clay Towel will ensure your paintwork is smooth and rid of any environmental contamination, such as industrial fallout, brake dust, iron dust, overspray, pollen, and bug remnants, thus allowing for the ultimate performance of your wax, sealant or coating.

    • Use Before Waxing, Buffing, & Polishing
    • Truly Cleans & Smooths the Finish
    • Increases Gloss, Depth, & Shine
    • Helps Wax & Sealants Last Longer

    Directions for General Use

    1. Wash vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris
    2. Spray clay lubricant on a small section of the vehicle
    3. Gently rub the Ultra Clay Towel over the lubricated area until contaminants are removed and surface is smooth. Wipe area with a microfibre drying towel. Continue in sections until the vehicle is fully decontaminated
    4. Follow with your favourite wax, sealant, or move onto polishing compound

    Prior to initial use rub the Ultra Clay Towel on glass using clay lubricant. Inspect surface of the Ultra Clay Towel before and during use. To clean the clay surface, spray clay surface with lubricant and wipe gently with hand. After repeated use, or if too much contamination is present, discard and use a new Ultra Clay Towel.

    • Do not soak in liquid
    • Do not squeeze or wring out
    • Do not store laying flat on clay media surface
    • Do not store wet in air tight containers

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