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    The Rag Company Ultra Clay Kit (Gyeon)


    Gyeon & The Rag Company Ultra Clay Kit

    We have hand picked each item in the Gyeon & The Rag Company Ultra Clay Kit because they are highly effective when paired together. To create the best kits possible we utilise our years of detailing experience, combined with input from some of the best detailers around the country. We are confident you will get outstanding results with each item and really enjoy how your vehicle looks afterward.

    The Rag Company Ultra Clay Kit offers everything you need to perform full clay paint decontamination work including an Ultra Clay Bar, Ultra Clay Towel, Ultra Clay Scrubber and Gyeon Clay Lube

    Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube is totally neutral and developed to work with any type and manufacture of clay bars. It does not affect the clay and remains safe for the most delicate bars. At the same time it does not cause any staining on the paint.

    Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube has extreme slickness which reduces friction and prevents the clay from ‘grabbing’ and marring the surface, instead the clay will slip over it to reveal smooth paint. Ideally used with Q2M Clay for best results, but it can be used with any clay bars, cloths or discs to lubricate. Q2M Clay Lube can be diluted down as far as a 1:10 ratio, which offers great economy, without impacting on its high performance and still allowing good lubrication for the clay to do its job.

    The Rag Company’s Ultra Clay Bar, Towel and Scrubber gives detailing professionals and enthusiasts the ability to safely, quickly and easily decontaminate automotive paint, glass, plastic and mouldings with proven, positive results when used with a quality clay lubricant.

    Kit Contents (One of the following)

    • 1x The Rag Company Ultra Clay Bar & Gyeon Clay Lube
    • 1x The Rag Company Ultra Clay Towel & Gyeon Clay Lube
    • 1x The Rag Company Ultra Clay Scrubber & Gyeon Clay Lube

    *Note: Kit does not include 10 Pack Edgeless 300 Towels

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    Fatih E.
    Amazing for the price

    Great product more than impressed with the results!