• Koch Chemie TEX - Tinten & Kuli-Ex Ink & Ballpoint Remover 250ml

    • Dissolves Water-Soluble Ink and Ballpoint Marks
    • For Use on Textiles, Leather and Tiles
    • Dissolves Ink Pigments
    • Contains No Halogenated Hydrocarbons
    • Pleasant Fresh Orange Fragrance

    Ink & Ballpoint Remover

    Koch Chemie Tinten - & Kuli-Ex TEX - Ink & Ballpoint Remover is a special cleaner that removes water-soluble stains with a special cleaning formula.

    A specially balanced mixture of solvents and active washing substances is used for this. These loosen the colour pigments contained in the inks and dissolve them.

    In this way, the stains are removed sustainably and without leaving any residue. Ink & Kuli-Ex does not contain any halogenated hydrocarbons and is pleasant to use thanks to its fresh orange scent.

    Areas of Use

    Solvent-resistant textiles, leather in cars, trucks and also caravans or mobile homes and boats.


    • Put a small amount of Tinten- & Kuli-Ex on a microfibre cloth
    • Carefully loosen the stain. Do not rub too hard, rather dab it
    • After removal, dab the area again with a dry microfibre cloth
    • Stubborn dirt has to be removed in several steps
    • After the complete treatment, clean the surface with Koch Chemie Pol Star

    Choosing the Right Solvent

    Koch Chemie Choosing the Right Solvent

    Stain Removal

    For exterior stain removal we recommend the use of Orange Power on plastics & rubber and for more solvent resistant materials we recommend the use of Fleckenwasser or, Eulex which a stronger product but must use with caution as it flashes quickly. For interior use we recommend the use of Orange Power and Tinten- & Kuli Ex. However it’s very important to have a clear understanding of the surfaces being treated and their solvent resistance.


    Fleckenwasser is a strong dewaxing solvent, best used for decontamination to remove all remaining residues of waxes, oils etc before Iron removal. Contains acetone so it’s not recommend to remove fine polishing oils as it can soften the surface, increasing the chances of micro-marring with a microfibre towel. For this purpose we recommend Silicon- & Wachsentferner, diluted.

    Adhesive Removal

    We recommend Orange Power on sensitive surfaces such as plastics & rubber. Also recommended for adhesive removal over larger surface areas because of its slow vaporising. For use on smaller, more solvent resistant areas we recommend Eulex, a strong adhesive remover with quick flash times.

    Tar Remover

    For more solvent resistant surfaces we recommend Teerwasche. For more sensitive areas such as plastics & rubber we recommend Orange Power.

    Fleckenwasser is a great multi-purpose solvent for removing waxes, oils & tar during the decontamination process but for any remaining, stubborn tar deposits we recommend the follow up use of Teerwasche.

    Tree Resin

    Fleckenwasser for more solvent resistant surfaces and Orange Power for the more sensitive surfaces.

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