Koch Chemie

Koch Chemie Tinten & Kuli-Ex TEX Ink & Ballpoint Remover 250ml

Koch Chemie Tinten - & Kuli-Ex TEX - Ink & Ballpoint Remover is a special cleaner that removes water-soluble stains with a special cleaning formula.

A specially balanced mixture of solvents and active washing substances is used for this. These loosen the colour pigments contained in the inks and dissolve them.

In this way, the stains are removed sustainably and without leaving any residue. Ink & Kuli-Ex does not contain any halogenated hydrocarbons and is pleasant to use thanks to its fresh orange scent.

Areas of Use

Solvent-resistant textiles, leather in cars, trucks and also caravans or mobile homes and boats.


  • Put a small amount of Tinten- & Kuli-Ex on a microfibre cloth
  • Carefully loosen the stain. Do not rub too hard, rather dab it
  • After removal, dab the area again with a dry microfibre cloth
  • Stubborn dirt has to be removed in several steps
  • After the complete treatment, clean the surface with Pol Star