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    IK Foam Pro 2 Sprayer

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    The iK Foam Pro 2 does NOT have the built-in Schrader Air Valve, but the iK Foam Pro 2+ does. Click HERE for the Foam Pro 2+ model if you require that functionality.

    • Translucent tank with level indicator
    • Wide base for greater stability
    • Large opening for easy no-spill filling
    • Safety lock
    • Safety valve with depressurisation option
    • Protective sleeve for valve chamber
    • Ability to identify content via coloured caps
    • Option of fitting other types of nozzles and accessories
    • Easy assembly and taking apart for cleaning and maintenance, tool-free

    Quickly create a thick layer of cleaning foam!

    Professional-grade 1.9L hand-pump sprayer designed for the application of shampoos, detergents, and foaming agents in automotive detailing. Creates a thick, long-dwelling foam. No hose or pressure washer needed.

    Heavy-duty injection moulded polypropylene/polyethylene tank with Viton seals and washers.

    Comes with 3 colour-coded mixer adapters: orange (wet foam), green (dry foam), grey (standard foam) plus an extra inline filter. Pressure release safety valve @ 45 psi (depressurise option) with safety lock trigger option. ISO-9001:2008 certified.

    Capable of foaming car wash soap/shampoo, all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, carpet shampoo, and iron decontamination chemicals.

    New heavy-duty stable base with an easy-to-use hand pump. Two colour-coded handle tips for chemical ID (blue/green). Extra nozzle storage and large filling mouth for no-splatter filling.


    • Tighten all fittings before use
    • Pump sprayer to max pressure for best results
    • Stir product when mixing, do not shake
    • Do not fill past 50oz line
    • Release air pressure after use
    • Cleaning: run water through sprayer assembly after heavy chemical use


    • Car Soap: 34:1
    • All Purpose Cleaner:
      • Light Cleaning: 10:1
      • Heavy Cleaning: 5:1
    • Iron Removal: 5:1


    • Safety Release Valve:Set at 45 psi, Depressurizable
    • Special nozzles: Fan Nozzle with Filter
    • Total capacity: 1.9L (64 Oz)
    • Usable capacity: 1.2L (42 Oz)
    • Safety Lock Trigger Option
    • Colour-Coded Handle Tip for Chemical Identification and Extra Nozzle Storage
    • Large Filling Mouth for No Splatter
    • Protective Sleeve for Valve Chamber Seal
    • Litres/Min. 3 bar: 0.50 l/min. - 1 pint/min.
    • Gross weight: 0.56 kg - 1.23 lbs.
    • Net weight: 0.7 kg - 1.54 lbs.
    • Three Color-Coded Mixer Adapters for 3 Different Types of Foam:
      • Grey= Standard Foam
      • Orange = Wet Foam
      • Green = Dry Foam

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