• DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish 473ml

    • Spray Polish Reduces Excessive Product Use
    • Polishes Quickly & Gently
    • Removes Fine Swirls & Minor Blemishes with Foam Pad
    • Removes Heavier Paint Defects with Wool Pad
    • Creates a Mirror Like Reflection on Your Car's Exterior
    • Safe on all Glossy Paints Including Clear Coats

    DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish

    DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish is a polish with spray application designed to ensure proper dispensing and distribution of polish on the polishing pad. Spraying on the pad also reduces overuse of product. The Gold Standard Car Polish quickly and gently removes fine swirls and blemishes to create a mirror-like reflection on the exterior of your car. This product is safe on all glossy car paints, including clear paints (clear coat).

    DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish makes polishing car paint to its original state a breeze. This versatile product simplifies maintenance, making cleanup a breeze for years to come. DIY Detail's polishing product is suitable for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats and more! The polish can be used with a dual action, forced rotation or rotary polisher. In addition, the product is suitable for use with both the Gold Standard Wool Pad and the Gold Standard Waffle Pad. Always with excellent results!


    • Apply one or two sprays to a clean polishing pad to evenly coat the pad with polishing compound
    • Start your polisher while on the surface to avoid polishing sling
    • The Gold Standard polish works best at low speeds (DA speed 3-4,Rotary 4-800 RPM) and without pressure
    • Work a small section in overlapping passes
    • Wipe away polish residue with a microfiber cloth
    • When the polishing pad becomes clogged with product residue, clean your pad or replace it with a new one

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