Wowo's Leather Cream 500ml

Wowo's Leather Cream is Step Two in the Wowo’s Leather Cleaning System! Before applying Wowo’s Leather Cream we recommend cleaning your leather with Wowo’s Leather Cleaner.

Wowo’s Leather Cream provides your leather with a luxurious massage, leaving your leather looking and feeling great. Wowo’s Leather Cream provides a strong layer of protection, protecting against the harm UV rays cause, while also giving it moisture. Wowo’s Leather Cream leaves your leather with a matte look and feel, especially when used with Wowo’s Leather Cleaner.

Once you have spent time cleaning your leather, it is important that you keep it that way by adding protection. Protection can come across in many ways, especially protection against the damaging effects of UV rays. Wowo’s Leather Cream protects your leather, but also leaves it feeling great.

Wowo’s Leather Cream is a great protection step to use after using Wowo’s Leather Cleaner. Wowo’s Leather Cream massages deep into your leather surfaces, filling with just the right amount of moisture. This moisture if important for the variables of the weather, but it also leaves your leather feeling naturally supple. No matter the moisture it gives off, it will not leave your leather with any unwanted oils or shine. Instead, a natural matte finish is what will remain.

Leather can look great but looking great can only last so long without the proper amount of protection. Wowo’s Leather Cream provides protection against leather’s worst enemy… the sun. UV rays can wreak havoc on leather causing cracking and fading, neither look nor feel appealing. Wowo’s Leather Cream protects against this, even in direct sunlight.

  • Protects Your Leather
  • Moisturises and Revitalises your Leather
  • Provides A Supple Feel To Your Leather
  • Restores The Pores
  • UV Resistance To Harmful Rays
  • Matte Look And Smooth Feel