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    P&S Triple S PPF & Wrap Installation Solution 3.8L (1GAL)

    • Triple S - SLIP - Eliminates Sanding and Adhesive Lines
    • Allows Film to Slide Easily Across the Surface
    • SLIDE - Enables Squeegee to Slide Effortlessly Across Film
    • SHINE - Wiping the Wrap Down Enhances the Wrap
    • Leaves A Protective Finish That Lasts and Lasts
    • Unique Polymer
    • 3.8 Litres / 1 Gallon


    P&S Triple S is the ultimate all-in-one solution for the prep, install and post-install workflow, when wrapping vehicles with commercial, colour change and PPF. Triple S helps ensure the highest quality workflow for installers while providing a superior finish that customers can see and feel - ALL IN ONE BOTTLE!

    This first-of-it's-kind product in the Wrap Industry helps solve three quality problems:

    • Sanding or adhesive dots that can make it look like there is dirt under a wrap
    • Scratches from the squeegee during the wrapping process
    • Poorly maintained or protected wraps that results in the finish and colors fading prematurely

    This 3-in-1 product was custom designed by P&S Detail Products for The Rag Company to meet and exceed specific requirements of The Wrap Institute (TWI). During the prep phase of an install, Triple S can be applied to high points, curves and large flat areas. This will help the wrap film glide over these areas which helps ensure a paint like finish. During the wrapping process, installers can spray Triple S on the squeegee buffer. This dramatically reduces scratches which ensures quality. It also helps the squeegee glide faster across the surface which lowers install times and reduces fatigue.

    Once the wrap is done, Triple S can be applied over any wrap: commercial, color change and PPF. It enhances all gloss finishes and helps keep sensitive matte finishes perfectly preserved. At The Wrap Institute, the core focus is always on quality and efficiency. Triple S does all this while smelling amazing!

    Directions for Use

    Prep -Slip:

    1. Clean, clay and degrease the vehicle
    2. Generously spray Triple S on the section to be installed and polish it evenly across the surface with a TRC Edgeless 365 microfibre towel
    3. Wipe Triple S off the outside edges and any recessed areas with a 70% IPA solution (roughly 1" wide). This will help ensure maximum adhesion on these key durability areas
    4. Allow Triple S to dry completely (10-15 seconds) then move to install

    Install - Slide:

    1. Spray the squeegee buffer thoroughly on both sides with Triple S (prep squeegee in a safe area to avoid slipping or over spray)
    2. Squeegee the wrapping film in a standard manner
    3. Re-apply Triple S to the squeegee as needed during the install
    4. Once the panel is applied, move to the Post Install protocol

    Post Install -; Shine:

    1. Spray the wrapped section with Triple S as soon as the install is completed
    2. For best results, use a TRC Premium Pearl microfiber towel
    3. Spread and buff Triple S evenly across the surface to ensure full coverage and protection

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