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    P&S Brake Buster Spray Bottle Kit 3.8L (1GAL)

    • Foaming Wheel Cleaner
    • Acid-Free Formulation
    • Effectively Removes Brake Dust, Road Grime, Light Grease and Dirt
    • Safe on all Wheel & Tyre Surfaces
    • Contains Corrosion Inhibitors to Protect from Future Corrosion
    • Can be Diluted 1:1 If used weekly can be Diluted up to 10:1
    • Can be applied with the IK Foam Sprayer or a Foam Cannon
    • 3.8 Litres / 1 Gallon

    P&S Brake Buster Spray Bottle Kit

    We have hand picked each item in the P&S Brake Buster Spray Bottle Kit because they are highly effective when paired together. To create the best kits possible we utilise our years of detailing experience, combined with input from some of the best detailers around the country. We are confident you will get outstanding results with each item and really enjoy how your vehicle looks afterward.

    P&S Brake Buster Non Acid Wheel Cleaner helps you safely and easily clean your wheels. You will be amazed at how quickly this product removes brake dust, road grime, light grease, and dirt from clear coated, factory painted, chrome and other delicate wheel surfaces. Simply spray the wheel down with cool water, spray Brake Buster onto the surface, and rinse it off, it is that easy! The unique gel formula clings to the surface, breaking down contamination for safe removal. For heavily contaminated wheels allow the product to dwell for and agitate with a wheel brush. Once you are finished you will not only be left with a clean wheel, but a protected one as well.

    Brake Buster creates a thick foaming lather when agitated and provides lubricity which is great for wheels that get a lot of brake dust on them. Brake Buster also contains corrosion inhibitors that deposit a thin layer of protection on the wheel to protect from future corrosion. Perfect for reducing rust spots on calipers after washing wheels.

    KIT includes


    • Shake well before use
    • You can cover the surface with Brake Buster by spraying it everywhere on the RIM. We recommend that you spray as needed and spread it with a small sponge to cover the entire surface. Evenly cover the surfaces you wish to clean. The product is strong so you don’t have to be wasteful. Just make sure it contacts the entire surface.
    • Allow the product to dwell for 30 to 60 seconds. (Up to 2 minutes) in the shade. Do not allow it to dry in the sun
    • Lightly agitate with a wheel brush and wash rims as required
    • Note: Can also be diluted 5:1. If used weekly you may also dilute 10:1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Gary R.
    Brake Buster

    Awesome stuff best wheel cleaner around Shines those rims up nice

    mitchell b.
    shifts dirt and brake build up like a hot knife through butter

    Highly recommended, good cleaning power,can be used as scrubless wash,but is even better wen a little elbow grease is added with a decent wheel brush combo,

    Great product

    It's really a greatest one, for the wheels and also it make it more good when bought form AutoBuff. You guys are great, always helpful.

    Darren T.
    Brake Buster

    This is the best stuff on the market, especially how you can dilute to suit the application.

    Jin Y.
    Good Item

    All is the same as described. Happy with product.