P&S Double Black

P&S Legend Ceramic Coating 30ml


P&S Legend 'A Premium Coating Experience' Ceramic Coating is the latest addition to the P&S Inspiration Coating Family. Legend will join Inspiration Ceramic Coating, Inspiration Sole Ceramic Coating, Inspiration Vue Glass Coating and Inspiration Fabric Protectant to complete the line up of Inspiration Coatings.

P&S Legend is a premium coating with the same active ingredient as Inspiration, Sole Vue. However the concentration of active is much higher, thus providing a deeper, glossier, more durable finish. The higher active content in Legend required P&S to re-define the delivery system of this technologically advanced coating. This change creates a fresh easy install experience for installers when compared to other coatings in its class.

  • Durable 5 Year + Protective Layer of Clear Protection
  • Resistant to Chemical & UV Damage
  • Creates Hydrophobic Layer
  • Resistant to Corrosion & Oxidation
  • 3D Cross linking Polymer
  • 30ml Bottle Kit Contains:
    • 1x 30ml Bottle of Inspiration Ceramic Coating
    • 1x Two Colour Barrier Coating Applicator
    • 1x Legend door jamb label
    • 1x Install Card with QR Code to a Custom Install Video