MTM Hydro

MTM M22 15mm x 3/8" QC Brass Coupler Adaptor

MTM Hydro 15mm Twist Coupling adaptor offers you a consolidated option to adapt to proprietary M22 fittings that previously kept you from upgrading the stock guns and hoses provided by the manufacturer. Standard pressure washers will have a 14mm stem required however in the image provided you can see the enlarged stem. Some manufacturers have changed to 15mm to prevent you from upgrading through the use of aftermarket accessories, until now!

This premium adaptor has been quality tested and certified by MTM Hydro to fit a variety of pump outlets including select popular models of Sunjoe, Ryobi, AR, and Greenworks so that you can now upgrade your hose setup to Kobrajet.

MTM Hydro Stainless Steel Couplers are great for quickly disconnecting hoselines, spray guns, or any pressure washing attachments. MTM boasts a premium Stainless Steel line of fittings that ensures a worry-free cleaning experience with no concern for corrosion or unreliable performance.

MTM Part# 24.5005