Koch Chemie

Koch Chemie Top Star Interior Plastic Trim Cleaner 1L

  • Premium Interior Dressing
  • Cleans and Rejuvenates Interior Plastics and Trim
  • Rubber surfaces and Seals
  • Console and Dash
  • UV Protection
  • Semi Matte Finish

Koch Chemie Top Star is the premium care for all plastic and rubber parts in the interior. These include interior panels, seals, surfaces, door panels and much more.

Top Star protects and cleans in just one step. What remains is a silk-matt surface, which with its subtle, natural sheen is reminiscent of its new condition.

The surfaces maintained and cleaned with Top Star are permanently protected against soiling by an antistatic effect. In addition, Top Star forms a UV protective layer, which protects the plastic against fading and the formation of cracks.

Plastics remain soft and supple and thanks to the protection applied, they remain sustainable.

Areas of Use

Interior plastics and trim, console and dash, rubber seals and surfaces.


  • Spray Top Star on a soft microfibre cloth
  • Spread thinly and evenly on the surface
  • Let it flash off completely
  • Pick up any remains with another dry microfibre cloth