• IK Foam Pro 12 Sprayer

    • Can be hand pumped or filled with compressed air
    • Translucent Tank with Level Indicator
    • Innovative and Ergonomic Design
    • Stable Base with Support for the Feet
    • Large Integrated Funnel for Easy Filling
    • Lance Parking with Easy Use
    • Stainless Steel Opening and Closing Handle with Safety Lock
    • Special "Foam" Even Fan Type Nozzle


    Pre Wash is an essential part of any car cleaning routine and Snow Foam normally sits at the top of the tree of most used pre wash types. The issue is to generate a thick enough form to stick to the car, you normally need to have a pressure washer and a foaming lance. Not with the IK Foam Pro 12, just add the snow foam shampoo to the bottle (follow the bottle's dilution ratios), pump it up and you have snow foam.

    This fantastic solution especially for the quick weekend wash allows you to remove the light dust or dirt without unpacking all your car wash equipment. Spray the foam on the car and just rinse off with a hose. This small quick wash could stop the build up of traffic film between major washes and because there is no direct contact, no swirls!

    Th IK Foam Pro 12 has a manual pump up handle, a wide filling mouth and a safety value set to 4 bar, so you can't over pressurise and break the seals. If you can't pump it up to the pressure required, use the featured airlock value on an electric pump to add a little more for a longer run time. The translucent tank with measurements for correct product dilutions and quantities gives you the same results time after time.

    IK Foam Pro 12 provides the user with a dense and permanent foam ideal for professional car washing and detailing.

    Finally, the IK Foam Pro 12 Pump Up Foamer has 3 types of mixers:

    • Orange - Wet Foam
    • Grey - Intermediate Foam
    • Green - Dry Foam

    This gives you even more control over the type of foam required for the different parts of your car. A dryer foam may be more suitable to interiors or engine bays where you don't require as much water or a wet foam for areas where you need the foam to seep into every crevice.


    • Valve - 4-bar setting with automatic pressure release option
    • Nozzles - Special nozzle with fan-type foam
    • Hose - 1.3m
    • Lance - 47cm
    • Useful capacity - 6L
    • Total capacity - 10L
    • Gross weight - 3kg

    Customer Reviews

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    Chris K.
    Great Sprayer

    I got this for using with brake buster at 1:3, being able to use my m12 tyre inflator to pump it up to 55psi is awesome lasts for two cars wheels easily very impressed, Ik sprayers are very well made havn't had an issue with them so far and the rebuild kits are easy to get