• IK Foam Pro 12 Sprayer

    • Quick Fill Schrader Valve / Compressed Air Socket
    • Translucent Tank with Level Indicator
    • Innovative and Ergonomic Design
    • Stable Base with Support for the Feet
    • Large Integrated Funnel for Easy Filling
    • Lance Parking with Easy Use
    • System for Inflator Clamping During Filling
    • Stainless Steel Opening and Closing Handle with Safety Lock
    • Safety Valve Tared at 4 Bar / 58 psi
    • Special “Foam” Even Fan Type Nozzle
    • Possibility of Identifying Content Through Cards


    The iK Foam Pro 12 has set a new standard for the detailing community. This foaming accessory can manage over 6 litres of full-strength chemical or can be diluted to suit your detailing needs. The re-design of this detailing essential features a self-contained wand holder that keeps the pressurised hose tidy and out of the way for storage. At the base of the unit, you’ll find a wider, more stable base complete with a socket for the foaming wand that features a drain to avoid grime build up.

    You now have the option to manually pump the compressed air, or attach via an airline for instant pressure!

    The Schrader Valve can be found on any vehicle valve stem, or standard bicycle tire, meaning you can pressurise this unit at your home, the gas station, or wherever compressed air is available to you. When hooking compressed air to the product, you’ll notice a built-in check valve that can indicate a rough estimate of pressure within the unit. In the case of over-pressurising the foamer, iK has conveniently allowed the unit to max out at 58 PSI and will bleed air out as necessary for safe usage.

    By pressurising this unit and having the additional 13PSI, you can foam your wheels and tyres with ease without worry of having to pump the sprayer up again!

    This product features a rugged design and strong polycarbonate internals to stand up to even the harshest of chemicals. The iK Foam Pro 12 can take the hit if accidentally dropped and is easy to breakdown for thorough cleaning after heavy use.

    Capable of foaming car wash soap/shampoo, all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, carpet shampoo, and iron decontamination chemicals.


    • Tighten all fittings before use
    • Pump sprayer to max pressure for best results
    • Stir product when mixing, do not shake
    • Do not fill past 7L line
    • Release air pressure after use
    • Cleaning: run water through sprayer assembly after heavy chemical use


    • Car Soap: 34:1
    • All Purpose Cleaner:
      • Light Cleaning: 10:1
      • Heavy Cleaning: 5:1
    • Iron Removal: 5:1


    • Safety Release Valve:Set at 58 PSI, Depressurisable
    • Special nozzles: Fan Nozzle with Filter
    • Total capacity: 10L
    • Usable capacity: 6L
    • Safety Lock
    • Gross Weight:2.99 Kg
    • Net Weight:2.57 Kg

    Customer Reviews

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    Chris K.
    Great Sprayer

    I got this for using with brake buster at 1:3, being able to use my m12 tyre inflator to pump it up to 55psi is awesome lasts for two cars wheels easily very impressed, Ik sprayers are very well made havn't had an issue with them so far and the rebuild kits are easy to get