Gtechniq QD - Quick Detailer


Gtechniq Quick Detailer is designed to be super easy to use as the very last step in your regular wash routine. Use Gtechniq QD to remove those annoying water traces often left behind during the drying process or to remove finger prints and dust from an otherwise pristine finish. Based around our Smart Surface Science technology, Gtechniq Quick Detailer is fully compatible with all of Gtechniq's range of paint and glass coatings.


  • Gtechniq Quick Detailer can be used with any Nano-Quartz Sealant or natural carnauba wax
  • Can be layered to further enhance gloss, slickness of finish and durability
  • Easy spray-on wipe off formula
  • Works with all Gtechniq products
  • Adds gloss, slickness and durability 


  • Spray PW directly onto a clean microfiber towel and wipe away
  • The unique blend of pure alcohols and aromatic solvents are formulated specifically to give adequate working time to remove and dissolve polish residues.
  • PW will then evaporate to leave a 100% decontaminated surface!
  • If you are looking for a surface that is truly clean and ready for any form of protection, use the Gtechniq PW Panel Wipe!
  • Not suitable for use on PPF, vinyl, plastic or rubber.