Gtechniq C1 - Crystal Lacquer Coating 30ml/50ml


Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer is a nano-active quartz coating that chemically bonds to your vehicles paintwork. This protective film stands between the elements and the vehicles finish, protecting it for up to 10 times longer than traditional paint sealants!


  • 3 to 5 years of durability
  • Excellent swirl mark resistance
  • Crystal clear finish
  • Provides extreme gloss retention and long lasting scratch resistance
  • Lasts up to 10x longer than traditional paint sealants
  • Can be topped with EXOv4 or C2v3 for added gloss and protection!


  • Only apply in temperatures 5°c and above, indoors, out of direct sunlight
  • Wear gloves provided
  • Soak the application pad with several drops of product
  • Replace the lid on the bottle and set to one side - holding in your hand while detailing your car may promote premature curing
  • Spread product on a small panel, or ½ a large panel, at a time
  • Remove residue immediately with a microfibre buff cloth
  • You may need to buff the same area several times to remove residue, so use at least two microfibre cloths at any one time. Make sure you rotate the cloths quickly so that the C1 does not cure in them - this can make residue harder to remove
  • Change your application pad after 3 to 4 applications
  • If you miss removing residue and it cures fully, you should re polish this area and reapply C1
  • As soon as you finish put your microfibres in water, wash them as soon as you can to prevent the product crystallising and making them unusable
  • Leave your vehicle indoors for 12 hours before exposing it to the elements
  • If you are applying Gtechniq EXOv4 or C2v3 Liquid Crystal over the C1, leave at least 4 hour before application
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Use product within 3 months of opening