• Detail Factory Curveball Ultra Soft XL Detailing Brush

    • Oversized head for cleaning large areas
    • Rubberised ergonomic grip
    • Mountable drying/storage rack included
    • Chemical-resistant handle material
    • Metal-Free construction to prevent scratching
    • Ultra-Soft bristle material for delicate surfaces
    • Made in the USA

    Quick and easy cleaning of large surfaces

    The Curveball is an all-new concept utilising their famous Ultra-Soft synthetic bristles in a much larger package. This brush features an ergonomic, full hand grip for maximum comfort when using such a large brush. With its Ultra-Soft bristles, the Curveball is optimised for large areas that may require a delicate touch.

    Leather or vinyl seats, large plastic interior panels such as SUV cargo areas, door panels, and soft-top convertible roofs are all great places to put the Curveball to work. Can also can be used on exterior grills or as a tyre dressing applicator.

    The Curveball also comes with a mountable drying stand so it can be dried and stored between uses.

    Brush Dimensions

    • Handle Diameter: 7cm
    • Bristle Length: 5.7cm
    • Bristle Diameter: 7.7cm

    Care & Maintenance

    • After use, rinse thoroughly with clean water
    • Gently squeeze to remove excess water
    • Hang brush upside-down to dry between uses

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Chris K.
    Cool brush

    The brush is well made but the cost is abit pricey is something I could have done without but defiantly made brushing down the trims a lot quicker, I was hoping the stand was a folded piece of aluminium abit disappointed that it is abs plastic but it is well made and don't see it breaking anytime soon, the brush fits well in the hand and is very ergonomic. I'm a big fan of detail factory brushes they always do a nice brush compared to some cheap alternatives.