• Hydrophobic Spray Sealants and Coatings. Are they worth it?

    What are Car Paint Sealants?

    Paint sealants are liquids that contain manmade binding polymers, resins and synthetics to increase their durability and longevity of protection. Paint sealants offer an easy application process, create a transparent, smooth and hydrophobic top layer that repels water, protects and enhances gloss.

    The advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating produces water beading and protection that will last from 6 to 10 months.

    Why is the Car Paint Sealant Important?

    Many car enthusiasts choose car sealants as a longer-lasting alternative to car wax and polish however it also produces results far superior to these two products.

    There are a few reasons why this type of product is quickly becoming a top seller in the paint protection market.

    • It creates a deeper and high gloss finish when applied to paint in good condition. So, not only does it protect, it enhances the natural shine.
    • It protects paint longer than wax. Usually natural carnauba wax will only last about 6 weeks. A car paint sealant which is made from polymer technology and synthetic ingredients will last from 6 to 10 months.
    • Provides stronger protection against harsh contaminants like acid rain, bugs and bird droppings. These items can penetrate basic car wax and cause damage to the clear coating.
    • Increases the vehicles resale value when you use car paint sealants (especially high-quality products like Ethos, P&S, or Gtechniq) by protecting the clear coating, which preserves the paint quality.
    • Makes it easier to wash and dry a vehicle. Paint sealants have extremely good hydrophobic properties. Like a ceramic coating, they repel water, dirt and debris, which makes it easier to wash and also dry the car.

    How to Apply Car Paint Sealant

    • Wash the car using the two-bucket method.
    • When applying for the first time the surface needs to be decontaminated and clean from any small particles or contaminants. Refer to the specific product recommendations.
    • Spray an even mist onto a clean, dry, cool surface. One small panel/section at a time.
    • Immediately buff with a clean microfibre towel.
    • Follow up with a second light buff using another clean microfibre towel.
    • Note after the first application some sealants don’t require being applied with a microfibre towel. After washing & rinsing off the soap, simply spray on the sealant and rinse with a strong stream of water.

    Are Paint Sealants Worth It? 

    Determining whether a paint sealer is ‘worth it’ really comes down to your personal comfort level and desire to keep your vehicle protected.

    • Applying paint sealants are incredibly simple and you don’t need to be a detailer to apply it. It’s not a one-step product like some people think, but it’s really easy.
    • Produces a shiny appearance when you apply a synthetic polymer sealant to a properly prepped and clean paint surface, it will produce a very shiny or glass-like appearance.

    Should I Use a Car Paint Sealant?

    If you already have a ceramic coating a paint sealant is a perfect maintenance product to keep the hydrophobic water beading properties.

    If you’re not ready to make the financial investment in a ceramic coating, a paint sealant to protect the paint from exposure is a good alternative.

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