The Rag Company

TRC Salt N’ Pepper Microfibre Interior Mitt 16cm x 23cm

The Rag Company Salt N’ Pepper Microfibre Interior Mitt is designed to efficiently remove stubborn dirt or stains without harming interior surfaces. It is also highly effective as an aid to removing pet hair on many types of interior surfaces.

Product Details:

  • Superior Results to Standard Sponges or Towels
  • Designed to Easily Scrub Angled Surfaces
  • Lint-Free / Extra Absorbent
  • Excellent Choice for All Auto / Marine / RV / Airplane / Cycle Cleaning


  • Size: 16cm x 23cm
  • Blend: 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide Material
  • Weight: Varies From 550 - 800 GSM
  • Edge: ButterSoft Microfibre Suede Border
  • Material: 100% Split Microfibre
  • Country of Origin: South Korea