Wheel Woolies

Wheel Woolies Caliper & Spoke Brush Large - 18"

Wheel Woolies Caliper & Spoke Brush enable you to clean behind your wheels spokes with ease. The head of each Wheel Woolie Caliper & Spoke Wheel Brush is constructed of super soft, densely packed fibres that remove stubborn brake dust and road grime with virtually no effort.

The head of each Wheel Woolies Caliper & Spoke Brush is constructed of synthetic fibres that are safe on all wheel finishes. This man-made synthetic fibre is resistant to acidic and caustic wheel cleaners, making it ideal for the professional detailer that demands a quality brush that lasts.


  • Size: 18"
  • Brush width: 1.75"
  • Brush length: 5.5"
  • The head sits at a 45-degree angle
  • Caliper spoke head is constructed of polypropylene fibres
  • Black foam grip handle
  • Metal free
  • Chemical resistant
  • Made in USA