SONAX Profiline Headlight Restoration Kit

Everything you need to restore age-related yellow and matte (foggy) headlights to their original clarity.

  • Sufficient for 20 applications.
  • Ensures significant improvement of light output, thus more driving safety.
  • Provides lasting protection; no need to do several jobs a year on the same vehicle

This kit will provide all the required products to complete the process with outstanding results! We have done the thinking. All you have to do is the application.

Kit Contains:

  • 1x 250ml Profiline Headlight Polish
  • 10x 10ml Profiline Headlight Protection Satches (will restore 2x headlights)
  • 1x Ultrafine Microfibre Cloth
  • 1x Lambswool Pad
  • 1x 15 Polishing Fleece Cloths
  • 1x P-BALL
  • 1x P1000 Sanding Pad (Wet-Sanding disc)
  • 1x P2000 Sanding Pad (Wet-Sanding Disc)