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Meguiars Wheel Brightener, D14001, 3.8L (1Gal)

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Meguiars Wheel Brightener is the product of choice for professionals looking for a powerful wheel cleaner that quickly and easily removes tough brake dust, tar, dirt, and road grime with little or no scrubbing. For severe accumulation of brake dust, use a wheel brush to agitate the wheel surface.

Simultaneously it helps bring back a deep shine to your wheels so they are sure to catch the eye and look like new again.

Meguiars Wheel Brightener is a super concentrated wheel cleaner for clear coated, factory painted, and chrome wheels. 

Do not use this cleaner on aluminium and anodised wheels.

Meguiars Wheel Brightener gives users the ultimate in flexibility, cleaning and safety with one product.

Dilution Ratio

Up to 4:1