Ethos Dry and Seal 473ml/3.8L


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  • Use as a Quick Sealant and Drying Aid
  • Infused with Carnauba and Ceramic Resins - Very unique formula pairs gloss, protection and versatility into one 
  • Extremely Versatile Formula - Can be used on wet or dry surfaces
  • Hydrophobic Beading and Mirror Like Finish
  • Lubricates while drying, minimises towel scratches
  • Durability 3-4 months


Dry and Seal will forever change the way you dry or seal your vehicle.  Dry and Seal is designed to be an extremely versatile and easy to use Paint Sealant or Drying Aid. Infused with Acrylic Resins, Dry and Seal offers superb slickness, gloss and durable protection for your vehicle. Safe to use on any dry or wet surface, Dry and Seal offers an unbeatable combination of ease of use, protection and shine. 




Lightly mist Dry and Seal onto a cool, clean surface.

Using a clean, microfibre towel, lightly spread and buff Dry and Seal across the panel.

Final buff any streaks with another clean microfibre towel. Dry and Seal is safe for all painted, glass, plastic or chrome surfaces.


Wash vehicle thoroughly using Ethos Car Shampoo.

Final rinse vehicle ensuring soap and all contaminants have been thoroughly removed.

With the surface still wet, lightly and thoroughly mist Dry and Seal onto a hood or door sized panel.

Using a Twisted Loop drying towel, lightly and deliberately spread Dry and Seal across the surface while drying residual water. Flip towel to a dry side and lightly buff any remaining water or residue to a streak free shine.